This cannot be!


Hard Times

I’m having a hard time writing.


I Don’t Parkin’ Lot Pimp, And I Don’t Politic

Anyone who knows me, even as an acquaintance, knows that I care nothing for politics. I find that it asks which plate of bullshit would you like to side with and I always choose neither. I haven’t had a change of heart, but Obama straight up trolled the world with his Lion King birth video. Based simply on that fact, I will vote for him in the next election.

The thing I find interesting is how many people have tried to sway my decision. Everyone who has done so has tried to appeal to me in some logical, but political, form. I don’t care (I want an iPhone 4), and I’ll leave it at that.

Micro and Macro Writing

I was talking to Aaron today about my ability to write and I think I gave him the best explanation of what my muse is like.

I played a lot of Dawn of War, back when it was a good game, and I was tutored by the Great Adnan Mirza. He was a master at micro but he was so focused on it that he let his macro slip most of the time (usually, not enough to lose him the game but it was a detriment to his success on more than one occasion). I didn’t pick up that habit too much in-game, but I have that habit for writing. Read the rest of this page »

Champion Fireling

Character Sheet for:

  Section 1 –  Basic Info


I would pick a Middle-Eastern name but that wouldn’t be attractive to the US audience. This needs to be addressed. Something that has a good connotation but seems exotic at the same time. TBD.


Age of the characters won’t be measured in years. Some arbitrary system should be designed (like Elder Scrolls) were they are dated by the sign they created under. TBD. Read the rest of this page »

It’s all… part of the plan.

Ideally, I would be swift and plentiful with my ideas and writings, but I’m not. My muse is lazy and needs to be whipped to even move, but at this point I think she just likes the beatings.

So I’ve resorted to using templates, instructional pieces, etc. to get me through the start-up of this storyline. I’ve been reading a screenwriting book which, for the most part, has given me the templates that I need for story, character, and so forth. The first thing that the book said is that you need to have your protagonist the most developed and understood of all characters.

I’ve decided to use a template sent by Aaron, instead of the one in the book. The one he used seems more precise and elaborated. I’ll be posting it shortly. I’ll make sure to update each post as I update the .doc. Anything new will be added in comment and/or bolded and/or dated for clarity. Anything added by Aaron or a few of my friends that I have work with me will be put in comments but in italics and/or dated for clarity.

The Unbegotten Source

I’ve made (and when I say I, I mean Aaron) a few updates to the site. Just in terms of theme and backgrounds and whatnot. I’m going with the Cthulhu theme because, well, it’s cool. The background is insane, and I wonder how the person made it. Also, Lovecraft is ridiculous. I hear a lot of reviews about his writing and how it is a trudge. How it is thick and old, and for me, that is the only way it should be. It adds to everything he has written. Back when he originally published his work, I assume that people were aghast at the content and now it is so descriptive, so distant from our common usage of the English language that his words generate a different tone and atmosphere than Lovecraft may have ever though.

On a more personal note, I think I’m going to start adding my snippets for my Elements story. That isn’t the title, but I haven’t assigned it one yet. Typing incoming.

I wish, you had… more time…

Little does the consumer know that I am the corruption. The system that has assimilated me is now infected. I will grow. I will conquer.